Saturday, 29 March 2014

Glass Ankle - Fragments EP


Driven by the stellar songwriting of Greg Jackson, Manchester's Glass Ankle make dreamy and ornate sounding indie-folk music. Earnest and lovingly crafted, Fragments EP showcases their knack for delivering the kind of grand dynamic surges, starry melodies and rich orchestral washes made popular by the likes of The Bends era Radiohead and The Boxer Rebellion. It's a winning formula that shines through on tracks like the sultry, guitar-led, Secondary Now.

Brimming with sonic splendor, Unlike You follows suit. Its folky motif rolls and sways, patiently building towards a soothing and hauntingly plush chorus. Embellished by a swell of strings. Jackson's angelic, plaintive voice sits pretty, cajoling you to stop whatever it is you're doing and pay close attention. Packing a blissful hook that sticks in your head and seduces you back for more - this is kingly music befitting of a variety of moods.

Fragments EP is available to buy/stream here.

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