Saturday, 16 November 2013

TGOTL Exclusive - Liam Hayes & Plush live recording from 2008

There are perks to writing about the things you love. A few weeks ago I posted about one of my favourite artists Liam Hayes & Plush and the man himself retweeted my blog, catching the attention of a guy called Dan Crawford. Dan emailed me with an invitation to hear an unreleased live recording of Liam from 2008. Dan's band (Owen Tromans & The Elders) had recorded themselves when they supported Liam and managed to capture his set too. I had no expectations. Live bootlegs are often disappointing - performances diluted by crappy recording quality and crowd noise. But to my surprise the recording was stellar and the performance, a solo Liam Hayes singing and playing a Telecaster guitar through a Music Man amplifier, magical. It seemed a real shame to keep something so good a secret. I asked Dan if I could create some awareness about the live recording and share it here on my blog. Thankfully he obliged me.

So here it is. An exclusive, previously unreleased, eight song set of Liam Hayes originals, live at The Railway in Winchester, 02/09/2008. Fans will love these guitar led interpretations of songs from More You Becomes You, Fed and Bright Penny. Liam's relaxed banter between songs makes it an even more rewarding experience. It's half an hour of pure gold.

The Sailor

Take A Chance

If I Could


Born Together

(See It In The) Early Morning

Soaring and Boring

So Much Music 


This wonderful music and all rights pertaining to it are reserved by Liam Hayes & Plush.

Special thanks to Dan Crawford & Owen Tromans.

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